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Nobuyoshi ARAKI "Tokyo Nude" 1989 Photo Book Rare w/ obi & promo


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Nobuyoshi ARAKI, photographer. "Tokyo Nude." Japan: Mother Brain, 1989, First Edition, PB, 40 cm x 30 cm, 120 full-page b/w photos.

“Each double-page spread juxtaposes a nude photograph and a fragmentary scene of everyday life in Tokyo. Turning the pages, the reader becomes enveloped in a sense of erotic travel within the womb.”--Iizawa, Araki: Self, Life, Death.

"Every diptych is divided into an image of a woman (left) and a Tokyo scene (right). Upon first glance, this juxtaposition may seem illogical. By photographing these two subjects and placing them next to each other, Araki explores them in the same light. Moreover, although he often features Tokyo in his work, "Tokyo Nude" exposes the city's more quiet and vulnerable side, and explores parts of the city that are not often displayed. The desolation of these urban pictures is complemented by the distressed, unnerving and often bold expressions worn by the female bodies on the left side of the diptychs. These architectural images thereby connect with the exposed women who stand beside them. By capturing similar feelings of desolation and abandonment from both Tokyo and its women, Araki causes them to meld into one composition. As a result, one forgets they are looking at two photographs joined together, but rather begins to understand the series of Tokyo revealed or Tokyo "Nude"."--Yoshii Gallery

The first extra large presentation of Araki's work in the photobook form. A couple of the preoccupations of Araki's later years had their genesis in this publication - the exploration of paired images as diptych, two images juxtaposed perhaps harmoniously or perhaps in opposition; and the "betrayal" of his models - often times the scenic side of the diptych casts an unflattering commentary on the nude woman.

Condition: Excellent/Very Good, with obi. Binding is firm, unbent. Very bright, clean and tight copy with the rarely seen original obi band - only the second copy I have obtained with the obi. Not only is this the best copy I have ever seen but it includes all of the ephemera including the original promo leaflet - since this wasn't sold with the book, only a very conscientious collector will think to include it.

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