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* Nobuyoshi ARAKI "Utaime" 2001 Photobook SIGNED Association Copy


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Nobuyoshi ARAKI, photographer. "Utaime” - “Female Singers." 19 models: Ringo SHEENA, Nao MATSUZAKI Nayo MATSUDA, Miho ASAHI, Lolita No. 18, Bonnie Pink, Sugar Soul, Olivia, Miu SAKAMOTO, Hotaru (Firefly), MariMari, Azumi, Shie KOHINATA, Mayumi KOJIMA, Me, Aco, Mayu OKAKITA, Fukiko NAKAMURA (Core of Soul), Chiaki SEIKE. Japan: Bauhaus, 2001, First Edition, HB, dj, 26 cm x 19 cm, 176 pp, color photos.

Condition: Book is Good, with worn obi. INSCRIBED by Araki “Utsukoshi Y to uta utau - A.” This means something like “Sing songs with beautiful Y” - in this case “Y” is short for Yoshiko. The “shi” syllable is replaced by the kana for “death” - something I have seen in numerous Araki inscriptions. A unique association copy - "Hanaguruma" is Araki's favorite Shinjuku bar hangout, recently closed, that he has frequented most evenings for years. With a quick search you can find videos of him drinking and socializing with his girlfriend Kaori and friends. “Yoshiko” along with “Kyoko” were the two proprietresses of the bar, easily recognizable from a number of Araki's photos, usually singing karaoke. This was her copy, possibly at the bar along with the many Araki photos and books that decorated the establishment.

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