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Paul JACOULET "Une Belle de Palaos" - "A Beauty of Palao" 1935 Woodblock Print


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Artist: Paul JACOULET. Title: "Une Belle de Palaos" - "A Beauty of Palao." Date: 1935. Publisher: Self-published. Seal: Mandarin Duck. Carver: Maeda. Printer: lacking the printer seal but probably Honda. Size: Approx. 18.5 x 14 inches.

Reference: Richard Miles, # 30, page 95.

Condition: Superb, full size with luminous colors and vibrant woodgrain. Signed and sealed by Jacoulet within the image. Maeda carver seal in the margin. Red "Present" seal on the verso. "Mahida (Maeda?) written in pencil in what looks like Jacoulet hand-writing on the verso. This is one of the earliest variant printings mentioned by Miles with the floating neckline and the "finger" hair tresses. From the Maeda family collection.