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Paul JACOULET "Le Rocher de Jokadj" - "The Rock of Jokadj" 1936 Woodblock Print


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Artist: Paul JACOULET. Title: "Le Rocher de Jokadj. Ponape, Est Carolines" - "The Rock of Jokadj. Ponape, East Carolines." Publisher: Date: 1936. Publisher: Self-published. Seal: Good Luck Hamer. Carver: Maeda. Printer: lacking the printer seal but probably Honda. Size: Approx. 18.5 x 14 inches.

Reference: Richard Miles, # 36, page 96. "The costume, head-piece and flowers in the background are accurate in every detail, but the young lady who posed was transformed by the carver Kentaro Maeda into a far more exotic creature than she actually was."--Miles

Condition: Superb, full size with luminous colors and vibrant woodgrain. Signed and sealed by Jacoulet within the image. Maeda carver seal in the margin. Red "Present" seal on the verso. "M. Mahida (corrected from Mayida? - seems Jacoulet wasn't sure of his carver's name yet) written in pencil in Jacoulet's hand on the verso. This is one of the earliest printings of this design. From the Maeda family collection.