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* Satoshi MACHIGUCHI "Match 1000" 2013 Photobook SIGNED


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Satoshi MACHIGUCHI "Match", photographer. “Satoshi Machiguchi 1000." Japan: 1000 Bunko, 2013, First Edition, PB, dj, 15 cm x 10 cm, 1024 pp, b/w photos, text in Japanese & English.

Satoshi Machiguchi is the art director for the influential Japanese design agency Match and Company, designing numerous prominent photobooks since the 1990s, most notably a number of Daido Moriyama's recent publications. He is also an avid life-long fan of the photobook as an art object. Here he chronicles his obsessions and loves by photographing 38 of the greatest photobooks of the last 70 years with fetishistic intensity. Not an anthology of great photos from photo-books, but inventive photos of great photo-books. Excerpted photobooks: Hiroshi HAMAYA: Snow Land; William KLEIN: Life is Good and Good for You in New York: Trance Witness Revels; Yasuhiro ISHIMOTO: Someday, Somewhere; Robert FRANK: The Americans; Richard AVEDON: Nothing Personal; Kikuji KAWADA: The Map; Shomai TOMATSU: Japan; Daido MORIYAMA: Japan A Photo Theater; Provoke; Eikoh HOSOE: Kamaitachi; Takuma NAKAHIRA: For a Language to Come; Lee Friedlander: Self-Portrait; Nobuyoshi ARAKI: Sentimental Journey; Diane ARBUS; Kiyoshi SUZUKI: Soul and Soul; Yutaka TAKANASHI: Towards the City; William EGGLESTON’s Guide; Shigeo GOCHO: Self and Others; Garry WINOGRAND: Public Relations; Jun MORINAGA: River; Irving PENN: Flowers; Akihide TAMURA: Photographs; Joel MEYERWITZ: Wild Flowers; David HOCKNEY: Cameraworks; Bruce DAVIDSON: Subway; Robert MAPPLETHORPE: Patti Smith; Kishin SHINOYAMA: Santa Fe; Wolfgang TILLMANS; Yurie NAGASHIMA: Empty White Room; Takashi HOMMA: Babyland; Kyoji TAKAHASHI: Road Movie; Masafumi SANAI: Ikiteiru; Boris MIKHAILOV: Case History; Jin OHASHI: Menomaeno Tsuduki; Juergen TELLER: Nackig auf dem Fussballplatz; Katsumi OMORI: Encounter & Subete wa Hajimete Okoru.

Condition: Very Good, binding is firm and unbent, SIGNED "Match" by Machiguchi on the title page.

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