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Hajime SAWATARI "Hysteric Ten" 2004 Photobook Ltd Ed 600 SIGNED


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Hajime SAWATARI, photographer. "Hysteric Ten." Koichi HARA, design. MISAKI, Model. Japan: Hysteric Glamour/Nobuhiko Kitamura, 2004 May 31, First Edition, HB, 26 cm x 23 cm, 88 pp, 53 single-page and 60 double-page b/w photos. Published in an edition of 600.

This fascinating and bizarre photobook could only come from the land of shunga and sushi. Sawatari's "Hysteric Ten" is obviously inspired by Hokusai's most famous shunga image, "The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife" and the entire original collection from which it appeared, Kinoe no Komatsu. (An article with image about this important shunga print here: ) This Hysteric Glamour book is not from the series of heavy oversize photobooks dense with thin paper pages, but rather is from a series of smaller formatted limited edition hardcovers. This volume is finely printed on heavy buff paper that is slightly antique in color, giving the duotone images a murkier feel befitting the subject matter.

"We grasp the considerably wide connotation of the word 'Hysteric,' and the emotions usually associated with hysteria. However, looking at it in a different light, we can begin to feel the energy in the word 'Hysteric.' The image which comes to mind is that of high tension and taut nerves, and can never be seen as apathetic. Hereafter, we want to make a series of these books with people who firmly believe they have the energy to elevate the feeling of 'Hysteric.' Before long, the concept of 'Hysteric' might be changed."--Nobuhiko Kitamura.

Other legendary Japanese photographers who have contributed volumes to this series include Seiryu Inoue, Takuma Nakahira, Masahisa Fukase and Shoji Ueda.

Sawatari, like most Japanese photographers pays the bills with vibrant nude photography of young Japanese idols and actresses. Yet Sawatari is also one of Japan's greatest artist-photographers of the nude and has contributed a number of important photobooks to the genre - most famously Nadia, Alice, Alice from the Sea and Taste of Honey. Hysteric Ten is evidence that Sawatari's artistic power is undiminished.

Condition: Very Good. Slight fading pattern to the front. Red "Promotional Copy" stamp. Signed by Sawatari in kanji and dated '04.6.12 - only two weeks after the official publication date.

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