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* Seiji KURATA "Photo Cabaret" 1982 Photobook


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Seiji Kurata, photographer. “Photo Cabaret.” Japan: Byakuya Shobo, 1982, First Edition, PB, dj, 30 x 22 cm, b/w reproductions, text in Japanese.

Kurata's sixth photobook, the follow-up to Kurata's famed "Flash-Up," is probably even more scarce.

"Seiji Kurata, a student of Daido Moriyama, has a unique photographic voice... yakuza, strippers, transvestites, Hell's Angels, members of the ultra-nationalist Black Dragon Society, and ordinary punters living life on the edge for an hour or two... sex, drinking, gambling and a dash of violence to spice the mix in the form of brawls, gang fights and traffic accidents. Kurata, however, makes telling photographs from this mix. He has an unerring instinct for images that suggest stories. They are highly polished, detailed pictures, full of information, and his pioneering technique, using a medium-format camera, was much copied. His tone is distinct, cooler than Moriyama's, similar to Araki's, but focused more on the sociological, like his contemporary, Keizo Kitajima... Kurata's full-on flash style and choice of subject matter has evoked easy comparisons to Weegee, but he remains resolutely his own man."--Parr & Badger, The Photobook: A History, vol. 1.

Condition: Very Good.

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