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Seiu ITO (Seiyu ITOH) "Edo no Sakariba" 1947 Woodblock Print Book Very Rare Erotica


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ITO Seiu, artist. "Edo no sakariba.” Japan: Fuji Shobo/Hashimoto Taihei, 1947 (Showa 22), PB, 15 cm x 11 cm, 58 pp, 48 pp of woodblock print images, 10 pp of text.

Seiu ITO (also romanized as Seiyu ITOH) (1882-1961) was a Japanese painter recognized today as the father of modern kinbaku art. Ito's fame is such that his life was the subject of director Noboru Tanaka's 1977 Nikkatsu Roman Poruno film Beauty's Exotic Dance: Torture!, the final entry in his Showa Era trilogy. In 1919, Ito hired Sahara Kise, a young art school model. They were soon living together, and after she became pregnant Kise became Ito's wife. Ito's typical working technique was to bind his wife, pose her in imitation of famous erotic ukiyoe scenes, photograph her in lengthy sessions and then use the photographs as the basis for his paintings. The most notorious instance of this was when he suspended his pregnant wife upside down for an artwork based on Tsukioka Yoshitoshi's famed ukiyoe print The Lonely House on Adachi Moor. Ito's efforts to revive shiban art at first earned him recognition, popularity and even a kind of respectability. In 1924 he and his wife were even featured in the national mainstream magazine Sunday Mainichi. When the censors cracked down on art in the 1930s, Ito's fortunes declined and he was left destitute during the war years. When the war ended Ito was 63, yet he took advantage of the postwar liberalization, energetically turning out numerous art works in various forms, exploring erotic themes of varying degrees of the bizarre.

Edo no sakariba is a woodblock printed book by Ito, a homage to the bizarre prints of Yoshitoshi and Kuniyoshi and the historical, erotic and supernatural scenes they depicted. The title loosely translates to the "Resort Areas of Tokyo" - though "red-light" areas would be more appropriate. Printed in the old 1800s Japanese style, the images are also set in a mythic, magical past... A very rare book from this important figure in Japanese erotica.

Condition: Very Good

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