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Shin YANAGISAWA "Mole Unit 3" 1994 Photobook


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Shin YANAGISAWA, photographer. "Mole Unit 3." Japan: 1994, Mole, PB, as issued, 29 cm x 22 cm, Approx. 28 pp, 22 b/w reproductions.

"Little known in the west, Shin Yanagisawa is one of Japan's preeminent photographers of the urban scene. In the desolate geometry of his images, there is entropy and collapse. There is Atget's sense of emptiness and Evans' eye for the telling detail, combined with a formal rigor that is equal parts Callahan and Dusseldorf."--Photo-eye

"Contemporary independent small run Japanese photography journals such as Mole Unit, No. 3 (1994) with a portfolio by Shin Yanagisawa, edited by Akira Hasegawa (the well-known editor of the 1970s Asahi Sonorama Shashinshu series of 27 books) offer an insider view of the continually evolving contemporary Japanese photography scene. By emphasizing both superior magazine print production and an examination of the historical and cultural framework within which photographers operate and images are produced, these independent magazines present new directions within Japanese photography while simultaneously reflecting upon its evolutionary path."--Russet Lederman, From War Time Propaganda to a Postwar Platform for the Avant-Garde

"Shin Yanagisawa’s city scenes are characterized by their elaborate construction of the photographed space within the frame of the image. The depiction of the streets and rooms oscillate between complexity and reduction, whilst avoiding a simple perspective. His compositions are often constructed with diagonals to create the impression of shifting, layered spaces. Yanagisawa intensifies this impression through the deliberate use of light and shadow to set accents or to subdue other parts of the scene. Almost all of Yanagisawa’s street scenes embody people, but they are rarely shown in frontal view. The people seem to be in transit...."--Priska Pasquer

With only a handful of exhibitions and publications during his lifetime, Yanagisawa's career was a complete contrast to the well-known prolific Japanese masters Daido Moriyama and Nobuyoshi Araki. His fame in the west has depended mostly on his contribution to the Sonorama Series, "Tracks of the City." The photos in this modest periodical actually represent some of Yanagisawa's greatest art. Each photo is a gem, perfectly crafted. Taken in Italy in 1993, these were the first photos that Yanagisawa had taken outside of Japan.

Condition: Very Good.

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