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Kishin SHINOYAMA "Photographica 07: Wonderful Nude!" 2007 Photobook


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Kishin SHINOYAMA, photographer. “Photographica 07: Wonderful Nude!” Japan: PhotoGRAPHICA, 2007, First Edition, PB, 30 x 22, 192 pp, color photos, Japanese & English text.

The 7th volume of the Japanese photography quarterly PhotoGRAPHICA - this is the summer 2007 edition. This is the first volume devoted to nude photography from this series. More than half of the book is devoted to new photos from Shinoyama and includes a valuable complete Chronology/Bibliography from 1961-2007 of Shinoyama's published works. The second part of the book includes shorter chapters from Japanese nude photographers of various styles, including Araki disciple Meisa Fujishiro and excerpts from Keisuke Naitoh's popular Chingcame series. Amongst the Shinoyama photos are reproductions from the notorious overnight outdoor Tokyo shoot that led to legal authorities questioning Shinoyama on suspicion of public indecency after he published them in the Mook "No Nude Tokyo 20XX." Afterwards the price for that book shot up to as much as 50000 yen (500-600$). Though published earlier, Shinoyama's home and office were searched in November 2009 after the book had already sold out. The agencies of the two 21-year old actresses were also searched. Like mooks, these types of photography periodicals are never reprinted.

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