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Kishin SHINOYAMA + Riona HAZUKI 1998 Photobook Deluxe Portfolio


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Kishin SHINOYAMA, photographer. "Riona: The Deluxe Limited Edition." Riona HAZUKI, model. Japan: Bunkasha, 1998, First Edition, 16.5 x 14 inches (42 cm x 35 cm), 67 glossy color & b/w prints housed in an over-sized cloth-bound case, includes an authentic photo negative of one of the prints housed in its own presentation board.

"Riona" is one of the top ten highest selling books ever in Japan. It was released in three forms: the original hardcover, a later small paperback with additional photos and this limited special printing. The photos are presented in an extra-large format in a special presentation case. In addition to the 67 glossy plates, included is a genuine photo negative housed in its own presentation board. Some subtly decorated tissue sheets are included to separate some of the photos. Large and heavy - almost 9 pounds, the original retail price of this portfolio in Japan was over 200 dollars. This is perhaps the most beautifully presented "photobook" I have ever seen.

"The first “hair-nude” photo monograph of the famous Japanese actress RIONA HAZUKI - one of the biggest-selling and most-talked-about books of its kind in Japan, despite Riona’s wispy, less-than-voluptuous proportions. Though often appearing in tabloids, with the reputation of a "femme-fatale", for romantic entanglements with famous married men, including the baseball mega-star Ichiro and the actor Hiroyuki Sanada (15 years older), Riona had yet to undress for the camera and this, her first and only "hair-nude" book took people by surprise. The biggest name (in Japan) to fully reveal herself since Miho Kanno in "Nudity," Riona became one of the biggest-selling and most-talked-about books. Her decision was reportedly something of a last minute decision, and the photo-shoot was hastily arranged in a European city. More so than any other Japanese photographer, Shinoyama searches for a unique tone for each monograph that reflects the model's personality. "Riona" is not his first monograph of the model, having published "Hazuki" and "Anywhere in the World" previously. Shinoyama shoots this monograph in his trademark high-contrast, deeply saturated color, weaving light and focus upon the baroque forms of the European mansion and the porcelain skin of the model's body."

Condition: Very Good.