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SHIRO KASAMATSU "Ashura" 1959 Japanese Woodblock Print


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Artist: Shiro Kasamatsu. Title: "Ashura." Publisher: Self-Printed, Self-Published. Date: 1959. Size: 16 x 11.5 inches (image size 14.5 x 9.75 inches). Condition: Full size with artist's seals. Excellent color, impression and state. Reference: Grund #S44.

Shiro's sosaku-hanga self-published designs have a lot of variation in seals, titles, signatures, edition sizes. Edition sizes vary from as little as 20 to as much as 300, though with the infrequency with which many of the designs are seen, one wonders, like the prints of Jacoulet, how often the editions were really ever fully printed. The edition numbering is usually on the lower right but is also seen on the lower left. Many designs are unnumbered with no specified editon size. Most have a small red rectangular "shiro" seal. Some are titled in pencil, some in ink, some in Japanese, some in English. Some have a small watermark in the paper. A few have an impressed seal.

This print design is numbered 4/40C. Sealed within the image. Dated, Signed and titled in Japanese in pencil in the lower margin. Red rectangular "shiro" seal.

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