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Shotaro AKIYAMA "Calendar Portfolio" 1969 Photo Book SIGNED Rare Private Publication


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Shotaro AKIYAMA, photographer. "Private Calendar Portfolio." Japan: Self-Published, 1969(?) or 1975(?), First Edition, Hand-made Portfolio with 63 prints/calendar pages, 26 cm x 19 cm, color & b/w photos.

"Shotaro is best known as a glamor and celebrity photographer. He has photographed almost every important star of screen and stage since the end of WWII. With more than a hint of Sam Haskins, Akiyama anticipates later trends in erotic photography in Japan."--Photo-eye.

"After the war Akiyama went to work for the photography section of the movie magazine Kindai Eiga..., he began to center his photography on actresses and nude dancers, and to turn out women's photographs of true uniqueness. The use of strong lighting on the hands or face and the use of a black backdrop from which the model stands out in bold relief characterize the pictures of this period. The works introduced here include nudes dating from Akiyama's earliest work as well as recent photographs. Characteristic of Akiyama's nude photographs are the effective use of light and shadow and the extreme beauty of the curved lines. Drawing on his long years of experience doing women's portrait photographs, Akiyama molds the elements of line, mass, and the light and shadow to effectively express the fascination of the feminine. In this he sharply contrasts with a number of younger artists who are linking nude photography to human sexuality with the aim of breaking down and destroying accepted conventions..."--Tatsuo Shirai, book notes in Sonorama Vol. 17: Naked Portraits

Very Rare. A self-published labor of love by Akiyama that was not sold, but only distributed to friends. There is no year on the calendar, but checking the pattern of days and possible years I think it must be 1969 or 1975 - 1947, 1958, and 1986 seem too old or too new. Coincidentally, the calendar matches this year's (2014) pattern of days but won't match again until 2025. There are 63 weekly calendar pages since Akiyama provides a calendar page for both the end and beginnings of months.

Condition: Prints/Calendar pages are very good, folder has some wear. SIGNED by Akiyama on the inside of the folder.

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