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Susumu MATSUSHIMA "Young Lady Nude" 1969 Photobook Rare w/ Box


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Susumu MATSUSHIMA, photographer. "Young Lady Nude Portfolio." Japan: KK SunSeiShinSha, 1969, First Edition, Portfolio case with 36 color prints/plates: 37 cm x 29 cm, 16 page booklet with text and 46 extra b/w photos, original outer cardboard case.

"In the 1960's there was an ever larger public for photography and the nude became a fashionable genre. In Young Lady Nude, Susumu Matsushima produced a large-size portfolio containing thirty-six photos of young women unashamedly posing nude. The compositions - such as that of a model lying on the ground amid scattered playing cards - were always inventive, and the technical quality of the prints is remarkable, as is the sharpness of detail." --Bertolotti, Books of Nudes, p. 182.

Unusual and rare - very ‘60’s, kinda groovy. The models remind me of the girls in Seijun Suzuki’s 60's gangster movies, or the Sean Connery as James Bond film, "You Only Live Twice."

Condition: Very Good. Prints, booklet and cloth portfolio case are Very Good, a rare example with the original outer box.

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