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* Tadao MATSUO "Portraits of Prometheans" 2001 Photobook


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Tadao MATSUO, photographer. “Portraits of Prometheans." Osamu HIRAKI, Tadao MATSUO, essays. Japan: Licht-sha, 2001, First Edition, HB, dj, 28 cm x 22 cm, 139 pp, b/w photos, text in Japanese & English.

Uniquely stylized portraits of Japan's cultural icons. Evidently Matsuo compiled his work over many years, creating these visions in collaboration with the famous subjects, the kicker being the inclusion of Matsuo's mysterious egg-like orb. Every subject/model is very famous in Japan and many are famous in the wider world as well, from the arts, sciences, and uniquely Japanese vocations. 103 portraits, including: Eikoh HOSOE, Nagisa OSHIMA, Shusaku ENDO, Tadanori YOKOO, Makoto OOKA, Yasushi INOUE, AY-O, Masahiro SHINODA, Masuo IKEDA, Fujio AKATSUKA, Mimei SAKAMOTO, Yoji YAMADA, Kazuo OHNO. The short commentary/quotes/captions beneath the photos are very entertaining/thought-provoking as well.

"For me it was a symbol of the circle of the universe, the globe of the earth, and the cycle of life. By interposing a white ball between models and me I expected something unexpected to happen. Its universality would stimulate imagination of the subjects, I thought. By means of a ball, communication with the subject's mind and even with the sub-consciousness might become possible."--Tadao Matsuo

"This ball is your doctrine, isn't it? Are you not a little too impudent, imposing your doctrine on others? I don't like a ball as a form."--Masahiro Shinoda

Condition: Excellent.

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