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* Taiji MATSUE "JP-22" 2006 Photobook


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Taiji MATSUE, photographer. “JP-22.” Hideki NAKAJIMA, design. Minoru SHIMIZU, essay. Japan: Daiwa Radiator Factory/Taro Nasu Gallery, 2006, First Edition, HB, (no dj as issued), 30 x 31 cm, 118 pp, 81 color plates, text in Japanese & English.

JP-22 is the ISO code for the Shizuoka Prefecture. Part of the fascination of this book in Japan may be that on March 15, 2011, Shizuoka Prefecture was hit with a magnitude 6.2 earthquake and some of the topography in these photographs is now different - a reminder of the potential impermanence of things in a land of earthquakes. But probably it is simply that Mt. Fuji is in Shizuoka and the photos of "fujisan" in this book are unlike any others - ironically the photos of human habitats are too distant to be personal but the photos of iconic Mt. Fuji are too close-up.

"A photograph with fine details in flat, all-over composition. A Photographer and geologist's scientific look at a real landscape discovers various patterns just like abstract paintings. Photographs of deserted landscapes seem to reveal the primordial nature standing still in the geological time of eternity, whereas cityscapes may show that even the human chaos of urban reality turns, when viewed from afar, into a graphical abstraction. In these two series Matsue sees through the abstract artifact the unembellished world that is neither human nor inhuman..."--Hideki Nakajima, essay: "First View - Taiji Matsue's Photography"

“Topography that’s drastic - way too drastic.”--Daido Moriyama

“Taiji Matsue has photographed the surfaces of the earth around the world - mountains, deserts, forests, cities. By taking photographs during the time of day when light falls uniformly across the surface, shadows and horizons are eliminated from the frame and emotionality is carefully excised. The minuteness of the images that reveal details the more one looks at them allows the viewer to experience anew the unreliability and mysteriousness of human sight. Matsue has traveled throughout the world to produce his photographs... His work to date can largely be divided between his “CC” series, photographs of cities that use city codes in their titles, and the “gazetteer (a geographic dictionary)“ series, with titles that incorporate place-names such as the Alps."--Izu Photo Museum

Taiji Matsue bio: Born 1963 in Tokyo, where he lives today. He graduated from the University of Tokyo in 1987, with a major in geology. He won the Higashikawa New Photographer Award in 1996, the Kimura Ihee Photography Award in 2002, and the Higashikawa Domestic Photographer Award in 2012.

Condition: Very Good.

Book is slightly too big even for my A3 size scanner. The horizontal band on the bottom of the cover is reflective silver and is much more attractive in real life.

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