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Shoken TAKAHASHI "Bishojo Kiko Special Edition" 1998 Photobook


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Shoken TAKAHASHI, photographer. "Bishoujo Kiko Special Edition" - "Bishojo Kiko Aizo-ban Goka Hon." Japan: Take-Shobo, 1998, First Edition, HB, 37 x 27 cm - 14.5 x 10.5 inches, 160 pp, 106 single-page & 18 double-page color photos, photo index with models' name, measurement, age, country and the original volume in which she appeared.

The Bishojo-kiko series was so well-received that this special oversize hardcover deluxe edition was produced. The images are from the original volumes but here they are printed in style - a large heavy hardcover with high-quality glossy paper. This is the only publication of photos from the series which is in a hardcover format and is far scarcer than any of the original volumes. Of the 46 models selected, about half are Bourboulon/Hamilton-style.

The "Bishojo-Kiko" mook series was the gold standard in the genre. In the popular “exotica” style where the Japanese photographer journeys to foreign lands and finds beautifully innocent(?) women to photograph. Bishojo Kiko ran from 1994 to 1998 with a total of 29 volumes. The easing of censorship standards in Japan fortuitously combined with the opening of the Iron Curtain. Notorious and controversial photographer Shoken Takahashi journeyed to numerous European countries during the series to audition beauties. Countries represented in the series include Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, Estonia, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Finland, Norway, Sweden. Each of the original photo books followed a general pattern: 4 or 5 models with at least one Bourboulon/Hamilton style model.

Condition: Very Good.