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Takehiko NAKAFUJI "Night Crawler 1995 2010" 2011 Photobook Ltd Ed 1000


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Takehiko NAKAFUJI, photographer. “Night Crawler 1995 2010.” Kotaro Iizawa, text. Tokyo: Zen Foto Gallery, 2011, First Edition, 2 seperate pb books housed in slipcase, each 48 pages, 25 x 18 cm, 77 b/w images. Limited Edition of 1000 copies.

--The Japanese photographer perhaps best known for shooting at night and on the street is Daido Moriyama, so it’s appropriate that Takehiko Nakafuji studied under him. Nakafuji recently published a two-volume book of photographs of nocturnal Tokyo called Night Crawler, the first volume containing images taken in 1995 and the second images taken in 2010. The combination shows changes in both the city and the man, evoking by turns the restless excitement and raffish charm of Tokyo’s underbelly, and a lonely, sombre place. “There are two very different feelings,” says Nakafuji. “When I was in my twenties, inexperienced, discovering a new world, it was tremendously exciting. Fifteen years later, at the age of 40, a man is different. Now I can see things I was not aware of before. But not just this, Tokyo has changed, too. In 1995 Tokyo was just beginning to peak out after our bubble economy. Now it is calmer, less vibrant, and the city feels sadder.” Nakafuji got into photographing at night through his love of music and punk rock, and exhibited the early work soon after he graduated from Tokyo Visual Arts. Then he put it aside and stopped photographing his home city, working instead in Hokkaido and Yokohama, and further afield in Russia, Eastern Europe and China. When Zen Foto Gallery suggested showing his 1995 project again he returned to the theme and the two-volume book followed from there. “The two series naturally complement each other, but I wanted to make the contrast apparent by having two distinct volumes,” he says. “I think it was effective. In a mere 15 years the streets, the people, the textures have all completely changed,” adds Nakafuji in his introduction. “Of course now the streets are noisy, crowded with people, shiny new buildings have been built, and all is hustle and bustle. But how can I express it? The feeling I used to get in my body from the vitality of the city I no longer feel. The light is brighter and the shadows deeper as the entire city seems to be silently sinking. I find it difficult to explain myself clearly. Certainly words are not enough, so I have to hope it can be understood through my photographs. All I can do is express my feelings directly and continue to take photographs.”--Diane Smyth, British Journal of Photography

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