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Takehiko NAKAFUJI "Winterlicht" 2001 Photobook SIGNED


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Takehiko NAKAFUJI, photographer. “Winterlicht.” Tokyo: Wides Shuppan, 2011, First Edition, HB, dj, 26 x 23 cm, 88 pp, 75 b/w images.

The Japanese photographer perhaps best known for shooting at night and on the street is Daido Moriyama, so it’s appropriate that Takehiko Nakafuji studied under him. "Winterlicht" is Nakafuji's second photobook, following the prize-winning "Enter the Mirror."

In 2013 Nakafuji won the 29th Higashikawa Special Photographer Award. The Higashikawa Award Bio: "Born in Tokyo in 1970. Entered Waseda University in the School of Letters, Arts and Sciences but left before graduating. Graduated in photography from Tokyo Visual Arts. Opened Gallery Niepce in 2000, and organized many exhibitions. Most of his photographs are snapshots of the city in grainy black and white. Nakafuji showed photographs of Tokyo, his hometown, in "Night Crawler: Kyoko no toshi e no hoko (wandering through a fictional city)" at Konica Plaza in 1995. Later he photographed cities in the former communist countries of Eastern Europe: Berlin, Warsaw, Prague and Budapest, and published the images in "Winterlicht." Nakafuji has taken photographs in many countries, including Cube, New York, Shanghai and Russia. His 2009 exhibition "Sakhalin" at Konica Minota Plaza featured pictures of Sakhalin, an island connecting Eastern Europe, Russia, and Hokkaido. In 2013, he held an exhibition of photographs of Hokkaido, "Sakuan, Matapaan - Hokkaido," at Zen Photo Gallery. Sakuan and matapaan mean summer comes and winter comes in the Ainu language. Nakafuji reflects his unique view of the world in refined street snap shots of people and landscapes."

Condition: Excellent, except for a small area of adhesive residue on the boards (jacket is scanned in the protective plastic cover - all the visible marks are on the plastic and not the dj). SIGNED by Nakafuji on the rear end paper, oddly enough, on the top and upside-down - guessing it probably was accidentally presented to him for signing that way.

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