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Takeji IWAMIYA "Sado" 1977 Photobook Sonorama Edition #2


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Takeji IWAMIYA, photographer. "Sado." Akira Hasegawa, essay. Japan: Asahi Sonorama, 1977, First Edition, First Printing, HB, dj, as issued, 21 cm x 22 cm, 120 pp, b/w photos.

The Sonorama Photo Book series from 1977-1980 extended to 27 volumes and is a remarkable collection of collectible photo books including: Hamaya's Snow Land, Araki's Yoko, My Love, Hosoe's Embrace, Sawatari's Nadia, Moriyama's Japan, a Photo Theatre II, Tomatsu's Kingdom of Mud, Fukase's Yohko, Ueda's Sand Dunes, Kuwabara's Tokyo Days, Suda's Fushi Kaden, Kawada's Cosmos of the Dream King, Naito's Baba, Yanagisawa's Tracks of the City.

"Iwamiya is probably best known as one of Daido Moriyama's teachers. However, as a documentarian of traditional Japanese culture and craft--gardens, temples, sculptures, and the like--he has virtually no equal... Iwamiya's images of the isolated island of Sado focus on the unusually harsh conditions endured by the people who live there. With a haunting and melancholy tone, they brilliantly convey the simplicity of life there and the appearance of both natural and traditionally crafted objects."--Photo-eye.

Condition: Very Good, excellent for this series - jacket and interior both uncommonly nice. Lately, one of the rarest from the series.

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