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* "The Dignified Imperial Navy" 1942 Photobook Japan WWII Propaganda Rare


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"Teikoku Kaigun no Iyo" - "The Dignified Appearance of the Imperial Navy." Japan: Tokyo Nichinichi Shimbusha/Osaka Mainichi shimbunsha, 1942, First Edition, HB, blue paper boards with raised silver decoration, slipcase, 37 x 27 cm, 72 pp, b/w photos, Japanese text.

"Unpaginated (36 leaves printed recto and verso) photographic essay celebrating the training and early successes of the Imperial Japanese Navy at the start of the Second World War, consisting of a series of circa 70 full-page photos, interspersed with brief texts, showing sailors undergoing training, images of naval guns, battleships, and military planes, operations in China, Java, Borneo, New Guinea, and the Philippines, and, most impressively, an extended account of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, with many of the images dramatically composed in a highly propagandistic manner... a masterwork of mid-20th century propaganda, comparable to the finest propagandistic works by the Germans and Italians at the same time, in some ways the dramatic nature of the compositions and the striking subject matter prefigure Japanese artistic photobooks of the 1960's and 1970's."--F. A. Bernett

"An unusually large-format publication for domestic consumption. The work is divided into two chapters, namely ‘the basics’ which is chiefly concerned with naval training, while the second chapter deals with the unfolding course of the war, being a record of Japanese successes from Pearl Harbour, Malaya, New Guinea, and other parts of South East Asia. The use of a bold typeface combined with the heavy use of black ink give a menacing aspect to the publication which (at least in hindsight) somehow undermines the dignity referred to in the title. None of the images are credited to a particular photographer but it includes work by Matsugi Fujio and (possibly) Kimura Ihei. Rare."--Maggs

Condition: Quite good for a book of this era. Binding is reasonably sturdy, no loose pages. Pages are very clean, no age spots. General around the edges.

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