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* "The Passionate Art of Kitagawa UTAMARO" 1995 British and Chiba Museum Catalog


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"The Passionate Art of Kitagawa UTAMARO." Shugo Asano & Timothy Clark. Japan: Asahi Shimbun, 1995, First Edition, Two thick Softcover Volumes housed within a decorated slipcase, 31 x 23 cm, text in English and Japanese.

The best book about Utamaro I have ever seen. Volume 1, which displays the exhibition art works in color is 244 pages. Volume 2, which has essays and voluminous commentary on the 488 art works is 289 pages. A must for any ukiyo-e book collection.

"Kitagawa Utamaro (?1754-1806) is the pivotal artist of the Ukiyo-e school. His sensuous and sharp-witted portrayal of women in all walks of life both celebrate and comment on those of the "Floating World." Discovered early in his career, Utamaro was soon collaborating with the leading writers of the 1790s. The culmination was a sequence of deluxe poetry anthologies, which he illustrated in colour woodblock with figure and nature subjects and erotic scenes. In the 1790s Utamaro transformed the style of Ukiyo-e art with his prolific output of print series: often portraits in the new bust and half-length formats. High-ranked courtesans, lovers from literature and ordinary domestic scenes - all these themes are explored. Boastful of his talents, Utamaro finally came into collision with the feudal authorities, suffering house arrest that accelerated his artistic decline and led to his death. This text is published to accompany a British Museum exhibition in two parts, organized with the Chiba City Museum, Japan. The work includes rare surviving hanging scroll paintings, wood-block prints in complete series and all of Utamaro's illustrated books. The introductory essays and catalogue appear both in English and Japanese."--publisher

Condition: Excellent, the books are practically as-new, bindings are unbent, no handling signs. The case is faded at the top of the side only but structurally excellent.

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