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Yoji ISHIKAWA "Private Photo Book: Fairies of Europe" 1994 Photobook


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Yoji ISHIKAWA, photographer. “Private Photo Book: Yoroppa no yosei-tachi" - Private Photo Book No. 1: Fairies of Europe.” Japan: Bookman Special Limited Editions, 1994, First Edition, PB, dj, slipcase, 26 x 25 cm (case), 25 cm x 18 cm (book), 56 color photos.

One of Ishikawa's rarest books. Most or all of the models are all well-known to Ishikawa collectors: Nancy (9 images); Nancy; her mother Bridget (2 images); Sophie (6 images); Catherine (3 images); Natalie (4 images); Vincianne (2 Images); Cecile; Rodance; Sabrin; Virginie (2 images); Vanessa (2 images); Nadia (5 images); Francoise (3 images); Nadia; Francoise; Isabel (2 images); Denise; Patricia; Anne (4 images); Frederica; Yasuna; Martine; Karin; Kate.

Though titled "Private Photo Book" this is not exactly a book. It is rather a stack of 56 color photos printed on thick glossy paper that are loosely glued together as a binding with a dust jacket around them. There is no real binding at all. On the back of each photo is Ishikawa's name and copyright stamp as well as the name of the model in a cursive hand-written script. If the photos are separated there is nothing to distinguish it as being from a book and not an individually printed photo - because each page IS a photo really - a 10 x 7 inch glossy, bordered color photo. Some of the highest-quality printings of Ishikawa's photos that are available.

Very Rare.

Condition: No loose pages. Pages are slightly curled after two decades of Japan's humidity in the manner of many photo prints. This is a rare copy that still has the unique plastic slipcase.

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