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Yoshihiko UEDA "3 Women" 1994 Photobook


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Yoshihiko UEDA, photographer. "3 Women." Kohtaro IIZAWA, essay. Japan: Bijutsu-Shuppansha, 1994, First Edition, HB, 35 cm x 26 cm, Approx. 70 pp, color & b/w photos.

"Ueda's artistry skillfully captures with wondrous balance the lively female body. Their expressions and motions radiate from their entire body with Eros in its original meaning of raw instinct and desire. The energy emanating from the models as they move, laugh and frolic exhibits the origin of human existence as living beings. These joyful and open-hearted women remind us of the fertility goddess of ancient Japanese myths."--Iizawa, Nudes as Living Beings.

“In 1994, Kotaro Iizawa inaugurated a Contemporary Nudes photobook series with the publisher Bijutsu Shuppan-sha. Other photographers also took part, but I said, ‘Let's shoot outdoors.’ At that time, everyone was vying to do ‘Mapplethorpe nudes’ against plain backgrounds. So I made a conscious decision to physically move outdoors and shoot Japanese models. I was able to locate three young Japanese women in their twenties, very Japanese in appearance and full of vigor. With three, I figured their energy would naturally tend toward the yang rather than yin—bright and outgoing, not dark and withdrawn. When the three of them stood completely naked in natural surroundings, they seemed so impossibly natural and enjoying their nakedness, as if I were seeing humans as they originally were. How can I say it? I could feel the robust, overpowering pull of nature through them. Not pretty nudes but boundless vitality laid bare.”--from the "Photographer Interview" section of the FujiFilm homepage.

Condition: Very Good, the white boards are brighter than usual for this series, tight binding.

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