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Yoshihiro TATSUKI "Eves" 1970 Photobook


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Yoshihiro TATSUKI, photographer. "Eves." Japan: C'Bon Cosmetics, 1970, First Edition, HB, 26 cm x 26 cm, 108 pp, 96 b/w photos.

"Another glamour photographer was Yoshihiro Tatsuki; his work Eves (1970) contains a series of nudes that show his exceptional ability to capture European styles and motifs. Some of the girls posed in front of white backgrounds, like Richard Avedon's models; some were photographed in interiors with their bodies distorted by the use of a wide-angled lens, as in Bill Brandt's images; others were photographed leaning against television sets, on which details of their bodies were being shown, as in the photos of the American photographer Bert Stern."--Bertolotti, Books of Nudes, pp 192-3

Yoshihiro Tatsuki Biography - Born in 1937, Tokushima City. Graduated from Tokyo Photography Junior College (presently Tokyo Polytechnical Institute). Participated in Ad Center at the time of its foundation, as Cameraman. Since 1969 has been freelancer. His activities cover a wide range of fields including advertisement, magazine, publication and images. His personal photo shows and photobooks include Girl (1970), Eves (1970), A Certain Woman (1970), Onna to Otoko (1971), Private: Mariko Kaga (1971), Erotica, Larotica (1972), Flowering (1973), Pinups (1976), Girl Friend Pt 2 (1977), Man Renzaburo Shibata (1979), One man trip in France (1979), My America (1980), Noriko Now (1981), Hanageshiki (1982), Women of Sasameyuki (Kon Ichikawa's film adaptation of Junichiro Tanizaki's The Makioka Sisters) 1983), Metamorphosis (1983), Bridge to the Future (1988), Shashinki 30 (1989).

Condition: Quite Good for this book, some of the usual wear to the edges of the boards, spine is uncommonly sturdy and the interior pages are very clean.