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* Yutaka TAKANASHI "Tokyo-jin” - “Tokyoites" 1983 Photobook


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Yutaka TAKANASHI, photographer. "Tokyo-jin” - “Tokyoites." Roger Pulvers, text. Japan: Shoshi Yamada, 1983, First Edition, 26 cm x 24 cm, b/w photos, text in Japanese and English.

“Two thin black books in one beige cover with paraffin paper inserted alternately into each page, which is covered with original boards, and two original paper booklets, all of these are housed in original slipcase with original obi band. (le plac’art)” or “Stiff wrappers with two thin books bound together, similar to a dos-a-dos binding, with one right facing and one left facing. Original glassine jacket. Unbound 26 pp booklet containing texts. Housed in two-point, card folio that fits into another, printed slipcase. (photoeye)” Unusual idiosyncratic design format - no other book like it.

Condition: Excellent, with obi.

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